Thankful Thursday

With Gratitude

Thank you from Sunporch Studios

Thank you from Sunporch Studios

Women are amazing. Every day I’m inspired by their daring, talent, passion, and persistence.

Last weekend, I started looking for a simple quote for the blog and stumbled upon this one:

When I started school, I would draw pictures at the end of my sentences: a house, a flower, a tree, a bird. Whatever was in the sentence, I’d draw it.
— Amy Sherald

Her words connected with me as a maker and former elementary teacher. I wondered, “Who is Amy Sherald?”

A quick-not-so-quick Google Search opened up windows of wonder. Each discovery led to another, all inspiring the work I’ve been doing in the studio. From Amy’s portrait art to children’s book illustrations, I tumbled down a week-long rabbit hole of research. I’ll be sharing my treasures in future posts. If you can’t wait, here are 3 names to Google.: Parker Curry, Nancy Schön, and Amy Holliday. Enjoy!

Today I want to say thanks to three women who helped make this week magical: Amy Sherald, Genevieve Godbout, and Gina Krupsky.

From portrait art…

Thank you, Amy Sherald for sparking an interest in portrait art. I’ve always shied away from drawing faces and figures. You’ve inspired me to reopen that door. The lives of everyday women shine through each portrait. I see my grandmothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, and friends in each piece. Your life story, your words, and your portraits - especially the one of Michelle Obama - fill me with wonder. Thank you.

Michelle Obama is extraordinary, but she is also the kind of woman that exists in a way that is - she’s a hundred percent relatable to all kinds of people, all genders all around the world. She gave a lot of us permission to be better and to want to do better.
— Amy Sherald

To spring blossoms…

Thank you, Genevieve Godbout for reaffirming my love and respect for artists who make illustrations for children’s books. Your Anne with an E sleeping in a wild cherry tree is beyond my wildest imagination. Started my day with this interview and now I’ill be looking for more. Thank you.

I very much love the impressionism movement and artists like Monet, Degas and Mary Cassatt. I could spend hours looking at their paintings and drawings. Obviously, I also love Mary Blair who was such a creative lady with a perfect sense of design. And some of my favorite illustrators are Sempe and Brian Wildsmith (just to name a few).
— Geneviève Godbout

To inks and entrepreneurism…

Thank you, Gina K. for your love of stamping and cardmaking.

  • You are a Dare-Greatly entrepreneur. You bravely took the leap and opened your own business. Over the years, I’ve watched you pour your heart into every aspect of the business, empowering other women along the way, including your 2 daughters.

  • You are not only loyal to your team and customers, but you’re also one of the most welcoming leaders in the crafting industry. Thank you for saying yes to new entrepreneurs like me when we apply to be affiliates. It’s an honor to share your quality products and generous spirit with our visitors here on the sunporch.

  • You have the coolest stuff. It’s always fun to see what’s new and I can’t resist the paper, inks, stamps, dies, stencils, foil, and stamping tools. My wish list grows.

  • You are an exceptional teacher. Trust me. I know. I was the one at the big desk with 30 elementary students around me. Your patience, clarity, and inspiration shine through your videos that are perfect for new and seasoned crafters. I have so many favorites.

Your paper, stamps, and dies got a workout at my craft table this week. I also did a little shopping. I’m feeling inspired and joyful….and daring. Thank you.

My design team was chosen based on artists who I believe represent the way that I like to stamp or the way I wish I could stamp. Each member of our design team is unique.

I really wanted to build a community where everyone fits in. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you love stamping and paper crafting, you are in.
— Gina Krupsky, Gina K. Designs, LLC.

Make Way for More Artists

Each of these wonderful women create in courage and in joy. They are paving the way for those of us who follow. It’s World Poetry Day. As I waddle through supplies in the studio, I’m envisioning paint and poems on mini canvases.

Make a splash!

Make a splash!

From ideas, to photos, to color palettes…

A waterfall of wonder. An if-I-dare challenge. A stream of photos. And now a pond of color….

I’m ready to make a splash. How about you?

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