Sunporch Studios makes unique digital designs for fabric and paper crafters. 

Sunporch Studios: Create. inCourage. inJoy


Discover how you can create mug rugs, mini quilts, wall art, paper and fabric cards, art journals, and more with our Sentiment Panels, Print & Quilt Patterns, and Paper Piecing Patterns. We hope our digital designs inspire you to make handmade art with fabric, paper, and mixed-media.


Hi, I'm Rita

Making things by hand makes me happy. Any day in the studio with jelly rolls, charm packs, paints, inks, stamps, or pencils is a good day.

When something I create makes the world a little bit brighter for someone else, it matters. And making a difference is why I became a teacher, writer, quilter, stamper, card maker, and now blogger and co-owner of Sunporch Studios.


Hi, I'm Jean

As a child, I loved pens, Spirograph and Litebrite sets. Once babysitting brought disposable cash to me, I explored every craft from needlepoint and embroidery to painting and drawing. By high school I was lucky enough to attend art camp. As an adult I missed the excitement of discovery and creativity. I took up photography to fill my creative longing and crafting soon followed. Eventually I went back to school, left my full-time job and began freelancing as a designer. I can't wait to share my designs and see where they go. Happy crafting to us all!